The School Curriculum


There is a wonderful Jewish tradition in which children are given candy when they study Torah so that they will associate the sweetness of candy with the sweetness of Jewish learning. One might say that this tradition whereby Judaism is associated with the words fun and enjoyment well approximates the educational approach at our Hebrew school. We want our children to associate Jewish life with sweetness and what better way to achieve this goal than by making Hebrew school fun and enjoyable. As Judah HaNasi put it: "Only learning that is enjoyed will be learned well."

To further this goal we include the following components in the program:

Physical Ambience - If the walls of our Hebrew school could speak they would undoubtedly say "Thank you (Barrie Sesmer) for restoring us to life." Newly painted colorful walls which include a mural and original children's art work with Jewish themes create an atmosphere and energy that one can't help but being affected by upon entering the Hebrew school. Click to see pictures of the mural created by the Hay Class of 5766

Trips - We expect to organize two or three trips during the Hebrew school year.

Community Service - We extend our children's education beyond the "four walls of the classroom" by offering 2- 3 annual community service opportunities. In December we are sponsoring a trip to a Nursing Home and later in the year we will be preparing a meal for Staten Island's poor and homeless.

Ruach - The importance of spirit in a youth environment can't be overstated. Singing has the remarkable ability to build community, create spiritual moments and energize our children. We have hired a specialist for our Hebrew school who shares his passion for music with our children. Additionally, we will be offering the children Israeli dancing on a monthly basis.

Friday night dinners - Since in the Jewish way of thinking celebration is best realized in a communal setting we have planned regular family Friday night dinners at our shut during the school year.

L'Chaim - We publish a bi-monthly Hebrew school newsletter that showcases the Hebrew school and our wonderful children.

Computer Technology - The use of technology is both a challenge and an opportunity in a Jewish educational context. On the one hand we must embrace the technological gifts that have been bequeathed to us in the twenty-first century. On the other we must recognize the essential role of encounter in Jewish education. Innovation must be tempered by tradition. Our student's Hebrew school learning experience will be enriched by the use of computers. Hebrew lessons will be supplemented by Hebrew language games and activities. History sessions will be enhanced by web searches and you tube videos, presentations will be built via Power Point and our children will be able to connect with their peers in Israel and other locations through a pen pal system. Our computer lab will provide our children with outlets for creative expression and provide our teachers with opportunities to offer more engaging lessons as they will be able to draw upon a wider range of resources.

There is a Jewish tradition which maintains that the study of Torah is equal to all the other commandments because it leads to the performance of them all.

So, too, in a Hebrew school environment is fun and enjoyment equal to all other educational purposes because it also leads to other goals such as:

  • Teaching skills and ideas;
  • Developing Jewish pride and an attachment to Judaism and Jewish life;
  • Fostering an attachment to Israel; and
  • Cultivating a sense of Klal Ytsrael, Jewish peoplehood.


Sunday School for grades one and two.

The tuiton for the Sunday School is free for members, but nonmembers must pay $205 per child.

Hebrew School starts when a child enters 3rd grade. Classes are held twice a week. Students learn to read and write Hebrew, to participate in religious services, and to understand all aspects of Jewish life, history and culture. The curriculum is aimed at developing a high level of Jewish identity and pride for our students culminating in their Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

There are five grades: Aleph, Bet, Gimel, Dalet, and Hay.

Classes are held 4:15 - 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students learn to read and write Hebrew, to participate in religious services, to understand all aspects of Jewish life, history and culture. The curriculum is aimed at maintaining a high level of positive Jewish identification for the students.

For information on Hebrew School tuiton call the synagogue 718-948-6782.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah lessons are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child.

Mr Glenn Weschler, Hebrew School Principal, advising students

Mr. Wechsler conducting the Pre Rosh Hashannah Assembly Progam

On May 12th, 2015 our Hebrew School students met with Rabbi Gershom Sizomu, Chief Rabbi of Abayudaya of Uganda and learned new melodies to our prayers. View videos of the program

See pictures of The Purim Carnival, March 14, 2014, right after the Megillah

See pictures of Hebrew School students participating in Simchat Torah celebration, evening of Sept. 26 2013 (Tishri 22, 5774)