G-d, full of mercy who dwells on high, acknowledge the blessings in the life of my pet ____ who from the day (s)he was born, offered unconditional love to his (her) immediate and extended families, including his (her) pet partners with whom s(he) bonded in mischief and play. Offer comfort to his (her) parents who now grieve the loss of their constant companion, knowing that (s)he was devoted entirely to making his family happy, loved, and secure. May his life be remembered as a shining example of filial piety as you have taught in the Torah: "Kol Yisrael areivim zeh la zeh"—All Israel and her dependents are intimately bound together. May his (her) smile, hugs, and kisses inspire those who knew him (her) to provide the same attachment and affection to all who are in their care. And let our grief turn to celebration for our pet who was truly "man's best friend."