Hanukkah poem

by Vera Rivka Beniaminson,
a recent Bat Mitzvah from our Hebrew School

The snow's almost falling.

And Hanukkah's practically here.

Everyone's worried and waiting to hear,

Will the magic still stay amidst all this fear?

Our homeland is being destroyed as we wait,

For the millionth time America is too late.

No one can stop it,

There's hate in the air,

"Will the fight ever stop?" is in everyone's ear.

The TV is going loud yet our anthem is not playing proud.

Has the country been bombed right out of the map?

Has Palestine conquered Israel right out of our lap?

Are we strong enough to withstand all the hate in the world?

Are all the stories we hear true, of everything being our fault?

Why do we let ourselves be the blame,

When we are the ones who deserve all the fame.

We are the number one army and everyone knows,

If something happens, Israel is right on the nose.

The Jewish People stands strong compared to the world.

Why must we endure the world's own fight?

WE have been persecuted and kicked out of lands,

WE have been the ones named on the bans.

They have tried to kill us, the Jews as a whole,

And our Rabbis and leaders and teachers tell us to stand tall.

We are true to the end and one day everyone will see,

No one can ever take the Jewish Faith from me.

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