On the night of December 24, 2011, members of the synagogue gathering to eat Kosher Chinese food and listen to Anita, Sheila and Meryl discuss their Jewish heritage tour of China in which they visited the descendents of Jewish merchants who settled in Kaifeng, Hunan Province, China between 960 and 1126

In Kaifeng, they toured the Shi family museum, which houses some Jewish artifacts discovered in the Shi family burial ground, and wandered down the famous Teaching Torah Lane, the Jewish neighborhood of long ago which still bears its original name. The Lane is almost invisible from the street and empties into a local open air tea house. Although little remains of the illustrious history of Chinese Jewry, there were several emblems of Jewish institutions still visible

From Kaifeng, they flew to Nanjing to visit the Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies, which takes up a complete floor in a modern university tower on the campus of Nanjing University. The Institute, which is part of the Foreign Studies Department, teaches Jewish history, thought, literature and culture. Here the scholar, archivist, historian, storyteller, raconteur, tour guide, Judophile Xu Xin, presides over a small but eager student body. With his guidance, the students participate in many aspects of Jewish life and religion.

Enjoying a dinner of Kosher Chinese food

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