On January 14, the Kabbalat Service was devoted to a musical tribute to Cantor Debbie Friedman who died on Jan 9, 2011. Plus the Hebrew School students sang Debbie Friedman's Misheberach prayer for the health and recovery of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the others wounded in the attempted assassination of Jan 8, 2011

Cantor Liat Forst:

led the singing
Jamie Blackman:

provided the music

A wide variety of congregations—Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and some Modern Orthodox synagogues—throughout the world love Debbie Friedman's music because she set the traditonal prayers, teachings and words from the Torah to contemporary music. Her music encouraged active participation from those attending the servides. Furthermore, she inspired a whole new generation of religious song writers to create contemporary tunes for participatory synagogue services. For those who unfortunately missed our special Kabbalat Service Tribute to Debbie Friedman (or want to remember the wonderful service), the videos below, which were posted by other organizations from their tributes to Debbie Friedman, provide a sample of songs which we sang during our service.

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